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10 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to find them on your website



WordPress development is simple to implement, yet it might be intimidating for newcomers who haven’t mastered them yet. Therefore, when you are establishing a WordPress site, it might be beneficial to learn about the most frequent WordPress mistakes as well as how to solve these issues long in advance.

Throughout many situations, these issues are rather simple to resolve on your own or with the help of a WordPress development company And some do not need a thorough understanding of website programming. 

10 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to find them on your website 

Let us just examine ten of the most commonly faced WordPress mistakes.

Syntax Inaccuracy

Whenever you try to upload program code to WordPress and make some mistakes, you shall receive a PHP error message accompanied by a link. The issue is typically caused by a misplaced parenthesis or an unusual symbol in the program. Analyze the program carefully to identify the problem.

Error Message from the Internal Server

“Internal Server Error,” is a term that refers to a server’s inability to recognize the cause of the issue. 

For example, you may look for a faulty .htaccess access file by renaming it .htaccess old. Next, click refresh to check whether that resolved the issue. Whenever you receive the “Internal Server Error” warning quite regularly, you may have reached your PHP storage capacity and therefore should raise it. Some of the Best WordPress development companies, such as WPRiders, will help you with this.

Difficulties When Trying to Link to Databases

If you submit or modify your database details improperly, you would be given an alert message stating that you cannot join.

The first step is to ensure that you obtain the same signal on both the front and back ends of the web page. If they’re not the same, your database has indeed been damaged.

If they are identical, add the following code to your wp-config.php file: define(‘WP ALLOW REPAIR’, actual); Next, go to to view your changes. When you’re through with the restoration, delete the above code from your wp-config.php file. Please ensure you have enough copies before starting troubleshooting the database.

White Screen of Death

You could well have reached your PHP storage size when you get a blank white display without any error message.

If raising your PHP memory limit does not solve the problem, or you currently have an exceptionally high PHP storage size, consider removing all extensions. Then, after you’ve deactivated the extensions, re-enable each one at a moment till you figure out what is going wrong.

404 Not Found Message

When you are receiving 404 Error messages on just a single page on the website, but the rest is functioning well, you might have to change your permalinks options or upgrade your rewriting settings.

The simplest solution is to make the file readable momentarily, modify the privileges to 666, and re-update your permalinks options afterward. Then, when you’re finished, remember to set the rights again to 660.

Material Issue in the Sidebar
Your theme contains an HTML or CSS mistake if your sidebar appears underneath the text rather than beside it. You probably neglected to complete an Html div element or insert an additional ending div because this is the issue 90% of the case.

If you’re using a custom theme, the issue might be with the width ratio or the float attribute. “float: left;” and “float: right;” must be included in all relevant components of a customized design for it to operate.

Absent buttons and white content.
Whenever buttons in the WordPress editor begin vanishing or display as white areas, this is a common problem. This may often be resolved by emptying the internet history or changing to a new browser.

If this doesn’t function, make a new copy of the /wp-includes/js/TinyMCE/ folder. When neither solution works, put “define(‘CONCATENATE SCRIPTS’, false);” directly after the beginning tag in your wp-config.php file.

Glitch: WordPress Capacity Reached – Expand PHP Storage
Whenever you reach the preset storage size limit, you will receive a warning such as “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted.” Insert “define(‘WP MEMORY LIMIT’, ’64M’);” into the primary PHP element of your wp-config.php file to solve issue. The RAM limitation is extended to 64M as a result of this.

Reloading and redirecting the login page
 You try to log in but are referred back to the login screen each moment you input your login credentials.

Since WordPress relies on cookies for login verification, the most straightforward option is to erase your cookie storage. You should, nevertheless, keep cookies enabled. Then, reload your browser as well as try once more. If it doesn’t succeed, try deactivating the whole of your extensions and logging in again. If it succeeds this moment, the issue was caused by one of your addons.

Problems with Picture Uploading
If the photos on your website have vanished and been replaced by faulty image stand-ins, the cause is frequently improper files and directory access in a WordPress installation.

Hire WordPress development services to alter the directory’s access to resolve this. 


While WordPress seldom fails, the basic types of maintenance can occasionally avoid it entirely. A WordPress development company can help you change things, maintain regular backups, upgrade your themes and plugins, and utilize appropriate code.

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