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Top 5 Chatbot WordPress Plugins for Your Website



A chatbot is software that provides good customer service to a company’s clients. It can be placed in many applications, but the best place considered to place chatbots is a WordPress website. If any business’ website requires interaction with customers, placing chatbots can be a great idea because these chatbots can automatically perform most of the customer services. WordPress offers various chatbot plugins, and one can choose any one of them. Choosing the best chatbot plugin might be difficult, but this article can help in that too. This article will briefly explain the 5 best chatbot WordPress plugins. (Hire WordPress Developers)

Benefits of WordPress Chatbots for Businesses

Before moving on to the explanation of the best chatbots, one must first understand the benefits that come with placing these chatbots on a WordPress website. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Saves cost

WordPress chatbots help companies save their money because it doesn’t require much maintenance and is low-cost. It can reduce a company’s spending by almost 30%.

Improves Customer Service

Chatbot software’s main objective is to provide customer service. Though there is various other software too, chatbots are considered the first choice for websites, and these days most websites are created and hosted by WordPress. It is one of the best options that can be used to interact with customers.

Makes Product Enquiry/Research Easier

Many websites use chatbots to resolve product details and inquiries by customers. Even customers find it convenient to get details through a chatbot.


Chatbots help save time that can be invested in other important things. It automatically does customer services itself, so human labor is not much required, and so employees can do something else that might need their attention.

5 Best Chatbot Plugins for Your WordPress Website

There are many chatbot plugins offered by WordPress, but there are always some best ones. Explained below are some of the best chatbot plugins for your WordPress website.

WordPress Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey

It is one of the best options in WP plugins as it has more than 10,000 active installations. As its name also suggests, it is used to connect with customers through the messenger, Facebook. After the plugin is all set to use, the user gets an inbox where they can receive all the messages or inquiries from both Facebook as well as the website where the chatbot is placed. The user can customize page location, shape, and even colors. Moreover, the message setup can also be customized so that the user can create custom chatbots. This service is available 24/7, making it convenient for customers worldwide to ask their queries whenever they want. For customers who don’t use Facebook messenger, it also has a native web chat, so that they don’t face any issues. 

Chatbot with IBM Watson

This chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology along with IBM Watson’s assistant technology to make and use virtual assistants. It also uses machine learning to trace and understand customers’ behavior on the websites. The data collected with these features is used to improvise customer experience on the website. It offers the facility of live chat and recognition of various types of languages. It has an admin dashboard from which you can easily manage your account. Even the chatbot appearance position can be customized on any web page of your website. Though it is easy to learn and use for beginners too, one needs to get a little training as it has new technologies which might be sometimes tricky to understand. 

  • Chat Chatbot for Website.

It has simple and flexible methods to add a chat widget to the website. It is considered a better option for service-related businesses. In this also, functions and features can be customized. It also offers a unique template that adds a reminder to your Google Calendar whenever there is an appointment. Other than that, it has more than 50 templates that offer various new facilities like this. This one has 24/7 customer service and feedback collection too. It also provides email notifications which help in growing the company’s email subscriber list.

  • Chat WordPress Plugin

This plugin is connected to the Whatsapp WordPress chat plugin, which has an option to activate chatbots, and it is called Svachat. This chat can answer frequently asked questions related to business. This chatting plugin is a little different. Wherein there are a few already written questions and answers for the conversation between the company and customer through the chatbot. Moreover, these answers appear in bullet form, and the customer has to choose one option. This plugin comes with a Whatsapp icon on the website to directly contact through Whatsapp. 

Cliengo Chatbot

This chatbot on WordPress has 130+ integrations. Its striking feature is that it is connected with Facebook and Google Ads, Google Analytics, and some popular Customer Relationship Management software. This chatbot plugin also has a unified inbox for all these platforms as well as the website. It also offers different types of templates for lead generation. In addition, it has a reply option too with answers. 


Nowadays, chatbot software is used on multiple websites to better connect and interact with the audience. These chatbots automatically generate conversation and can also help trace customer behavior on the website. It has other benefits too that are mentioned above. These days, most websites are created on WordPress, and that’s why WordPress offers different chatbot plugins, but to get a good response and benefit from a chatbot, one needs to choose the best plugin. So, above mentioned are the top 5 chatbot plugins available on WordPress. Details are mentioned in the explanation, which can help choose a chatbot for different businesses. Feel free to Contact our Expert team to help you install any Chatbot Plugin for your WordPress Website.