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Why You Should Consider Converting Your HTML Site to WordPress



If you have an HTML site, but are looking to convert it to WordPress, you’re not alone. Many people prefer WordPress because of its ease of use and friendly-to-noobs templates and features. However, many HTML to WordPress conversion services exist that can make the process much easier than you might think! 

Here are 9 benefits of converting your HTML site to WordPress so you can focus on what matters most – running your business effectively!

Get Exposure to New Readers

One of your first thoughts as a blogger might be: How can I get my site seen by more people? A growing community of readers is an indicator that you’re doing something right. While search engine optimization (SEO) plays a role in your success, there are also many other ways to broaden your audience and increase traffic to your site. One strategy is converting HTML templates into WordPress themes—which means you have a great opportunity for new exposure, too.

Grow Your Email List

When you have a website, you should always consider whether or not it is time to grow your email list. This strategy allows you to capture potential customers and encourage repeat business for your products and services.  So, consider if you are ready for another stage in your business as well as how much time and effort you want to put into growing a list of people who trust your brand enough that they want to hear from you in their inbox on a regular basis. If so, there are several good ways that an HTML-to-WordPress conversion service can help

Save Time On Design

Designing a site from scratch can be time-consuming and ultimately cost more. Many of today’s web designers don’t have a keen understanding of how content management systems like WordPress work, so they’ll tack on multiple plugins and extra functionality that you may not need in order to get your site looking just right. If you already have an HTML website, then it might make sense for you to consider hiring someone with experience in converting HTML templates into fully functional WordPress themes. Not only will they streamline the design process but they may also offer services such as migration and importing any existing content so that your new site looks exactly like your old one—with minimal effort on your part.

Get Updates Automatically

One of the great things about using a content management system like WordPress is that you can get regular updates without having to do anything. These updates are basically automatic patches, bug fixes, and other minor improvements that make your site run more smoothly or look better—without any effort on your part. 

Some template providers will give you access to a library of existing WordPress themes they’ve built; some will help you with an HTML-to-WordPress conversion (which, in addition to being potentially faster and easier than building a brand new site from scratch, also allows you to retain some of your branding); and others may offer tutorials for building your own custom theme from scratch.

Gain Access To Thousands Of Plugins

The main advantage of converting your HTML site to a WordPress theme is that you’ll gain access to thousands of free plugins. These plugins allow you to add specific functionality, like social media integration or contact forms, without having a deep understanding of code. As your website grows, so will your plugin collection. By allowing you such flexibility in how your site looks and functions, you’re ensuring that it stays up-to-date with technology. In turn, you’ll also be able to stay on top of what’s new in Web design (i.e., responsive design) by keeping your theme updated accordingly.

Do Not Have To Use any Code at All

If you are a bit of a coding newbie, HTML-to-WordPress conversion services can save you a lot of time. It won’t take long at all for your site to be converted if you’re using these services and don’t know any code. It is worth noting that there are many different providers out there and it is important that you choose one that has been around for some time as they will know what they are doing. This is because if your site is not converted properly then it could end up being a disaster and ruin your reputation online. So make sure that you choose wisely!

Much Easier Navigation

Another benefit of converting your site from a static HTML site to a WordPress theme is that you can now add in navigation. Navigation allows users to move through your pages easily, and can really help drive sales when used correctly. This is also one of those features that is easy for any user with even minimal knowledge of WordPress (or other coding) to set up and customize. Users love not having to wade through endless pages of content or try to search for something they’re looking for — so offering them an easier way out if they get lost or want more information is a win-win situation. The only downside (if you could call it that) would be additional page load time as your page adds in these menu links.

No Hacking Needed Anymore

In addition to making your life as a web developer easier, a WordPress theme gives you a number of other benefits that you might not have thought about before. Unlike most templates that are created using cutting-edge techniques (such as JavaScript and CSS), themes are plain old HTML and CSS. They’re meant for publishers who don’t have experience writing code, but who still want their sites to function without any major bugs or security issues. While it’s true that converting an HTML template is probably going to be more work than buying a pre-made WordPress theme, by taking on some of that work yourself, you’re gaining valuable skills that will serve you well throughout your career.

Responsive Layout Looks Great on any Device

Responsive Web Design (RWD) can make your site work on any device that you visit from—smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop—you name it. Because RWD adjusts itself based on screen size and device type, your site’s content looks great on everything. Take a look at some of these recent stats: as of March 2022, Google Analytics showed that 22% of web traffic came from mobile devices, while over half of US adults now own a smartphone. More people are accessing sites via smartphones than ever before; if you don’t have a responsive design, you’re missing out on more than half your potential traffic!

Final wrap up

If you’re creating a site using a particular tool, like Wix or SquareSpace, converting that template into a WordPress theme may be difficult. However, there are plenty of people who will do it for you. For example, there are companies like Theme Forest and Template Monster that offer services where they take your template and convert it into something usable on WordPress. Not only will they create your page in WordPress but they’ll optimize it and make sure all of your content is being served correctly (and easily). They’ll also provide support for both platforms if you have any problems down the road.