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Guide to Fix ReCaptcha Not Working in Chrome [2022 Updated]



The Recaptcha not working in Chrome can be very annoying, especially if you’re writing a comment to the article and suddenly ReCaptcha keeps popping up again and again, preventing you from entering the comment box. 

If you are one of those users who are facing the ReCaptcha not working problem in Chrome, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix recaptcha not working in Chrome quickly and easily by solving this issue on your browser level or by whitelisting the site you’re trying to comment on (if it has recaptcha implemented).

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Update Chrome to the latest version | Fix ReCaptcha not Working

Updating Chrome is the first thing to do if you have trouble with ReCaptcha. If you don’t, it might mean there’s an issue with Chrome or a conflict with your settings. Some users of Chrome are reporting that the latest update to the Chrome version fixes the problem; you can check for updates and get the new version here. 

update google chrom

You could also try updating all your plugins and extensions, too—ReCaptcha relies on several of these add-ons to work, so they could be interfering in some way as well.

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Disable the VPN/Proxy Service

First off, if you are trying to solve a problem with Recaptcha and you use a VPN or proxy service, there is a chance that it’s causing the issue. If the captcha appears after you disable the VPN/Proxy Service, it’s definitely causing your problem. At that point, you should reach out directly to your provider and tell them they need to fix their service because it’s causing problems for businesses across the web (like Google). They will more than likely help solve your issue quickly after receiving feedback from someone that is experiencing it as well!

Turn Off Add-ons & Extensions

Some extensions and add-ons may conflict with ReCaptcha, causing ReCaptcha to stop working. To fix it you have to turn off all your add-ons and extensions then restart your browser, then go back into settings and turn your add-ons & extensions back on one by one, until you find out which extension is breaking ReCaptcha. 

update google chrom

Add-ons & Extensions are usually small pieces of software that enhance the functionality of existing programs (such as adding a new feature or enabling some extra functionality). These are most commonly installed into Google Chrome via their browser’s Get More Extensions menu option on the main menu bar.

Reset Settings

This is usually a good option if you’re facing a reCAPTCHA problem when using an extension or keyboard shortcuts. In case your reCAPTCHA stopped working after you installed or updated any extension, then please reset your chrome settings as a solution to fix ReCaptcha not working chrome. 

Here’s how it’s done: First, sign out of your Google account, if you are already signed in, and then select Clear browsing data from Settings. Now, click on Details and follow instructions for clearing browser data for Google Chrome such as history, cookies and saved passwords, etc… (depending on your device model). Restart your Google Chrome browser and sign in with your original account details by typing in the address bar chrome://signin. All done!

Reset IP Address

Resetting your IP address is a simple way to fix many computer problems, but it can also be somewhat cumbersome for most users. Here’s how to do it: Go to Command Prompt (if you’re on Windows) or Terminal (for Mac) and enter these commands one at a time, pressing Enter after each: ipconfig /release ipconfig /all netsh int ip set dns Verify that you are connected to your home network by entering either of these commands: ping ping Close all programs and relaunch your browser—you should now be able to access ReCaptcha again!

Use Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is a feature of Google Chrome that helps prevent websites from tracking your browsing habits. When you launch Incognito Mode, all temporary data created by your browsers—such as cookies and history—are deleted after you close Incognito Mode or exit Chrome entirely. It won’t affect saved data, such as bookmarks or passwords. 

An alternative method is to use an extension called UBlock Origin, which functions like AdBlock but also blocks intrusive content on certain websites that forces you to watch videos before completing a CAPTCHA challenge.

– Use a Different Web Browser

The captcha is a program that is used by Google and other search engines to detect bots from humans, you can use a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera Browser if you encounter problems with ReCaptcha Not Working Chrome. If you have any of these browsers installed on your computer then try using them and see if they fix the ReCaptcha Not Working problem for you.

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Final Words

Captchas, or those text-based challenges we have to complete whenever we log on to a new website, are designed with one goal in mind—to weed out those who aren’t human. For those of us who make a living behind a keyboard, these little tests can be an annoyance; however, for websites looking for legitimate users and fewer automated robots, it’s an essential tool for keeping out spambots and other lowlifes intent on ruining things for others. I hope this guide will help you in resolving these reCAPTCHA issues.