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Highlight WordPress Troubleshooting and How to Fix WordPress Errors



WordPress is a well-built CMS, and it is not likely or without any reason that there are errors in the website. The website itself hosts more than half of the websites, so that’s why there are the least chances of errors or bugs on WordPress without any proper reason. But error might come, and when it happens, one might worry about this, but there is no need to worry. Rather you should think of solving the error. Most of the issues will be easy to deal with regarding the WordPress website. In this article, there will be a highlight on WordPress errors and how to fix these errors.

Most Common Errors in WordPress and Troubleshooting These Errors

As mentioned above, there are very few chances of any errors; even if there are any, they are easy to handle. Below mentioned are the most common errors found in WordPress.

Internal Server Error

You will easily get to know this error as a message will pop up when there is an internal server error. There might be an issue in troubleshooting the error while knowing the reason for it because there can be many reasons for the same. But if you work on finding the reason, you will surely be successful in troubleshooting it. This problem might occur when there is either a memory limit issue or an issue with the website’s access file. This can also be fixed with the help of SFTP.

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404 Error

404 or page not found error might often come on websites, but they are also easy to deal with. There can be many reasons for this error, which come from broken links or typing errors in the website’s address, but this can be dealt with when the reason is identified. For this error also, the cause might be the access file. To solve this issue, you need to generate a new file. And if the issue isn’t solved even then, you might need to re-upload. After doing this, you can upload the file to the website’s root folder. (WordPress Troubleshoot Issues)

White Screen of Death (WSoD)

You will easily identify the white screen of death error when the page fails to load, and there is only a white screen. Some major causes of this error are maintenance errors or auto-upgrade problems. Troubleshooting this error can be troubling, but it can still be solved. Trouble in solving this error might sometimes be annoying, making it a difficult error. To fix this error, you can try disabling your plugin, and by doing so, you will get to know if there was any problem because of the plugin. You can do the same with the theme. You can even try raising the memory limit because it might be that the memory has been filled enough. You can even use the WordPress debug mode feature, which will let you know the exact problem and where it lies.

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Database Connection Error

This error occurs when the website is unable to access its database. A database is a place where all your content is stored. When you cannot access your database, there will be a problem with the website’s functioning. You need to access the WordPress configuration PHP file to resolve this issue. Firstly, check the login details or credentials after accessing the file to know if they are correct. If any of these details are incorrect, correct them immediately.

Syntax Error/Parse Error

This is one of the common errors that might occur, and it is not much difficult to handle. You can easily get to know the reason behind this error’s occurrence, which helps solve it. Usually, it occurs when there is an issue in the website’s coding. But when this error comes, it shows a message that tells what the problem is as well as where the problem occurred. To fix the issue, you will have to work on the syntax. Most of the time, it happens either because of a missing bracket or when there is some random character in the website’s coding. The process of fixing the issue has to be started with access to a specified file using SFTP. You need access to your site’s backend and can do that by logging in with your SFTP login credentials. Then, find the file with the issue; in that file, you will have to find the line with the problem. You can then solve the problem.

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Connection Time Out Error

You might have often seen this error when the web page takes too much time to load and then shows that the connection has timed out. One of its common causes might be that the resources needed to load the page are not sufficient or complete. It might happen when you have a sharing host site because your resources are also being shared. If that is the case, you will have to change your hosting plan to avoid these changes. It can also happen when there is too much load on the server which means more than it can handle. To fix this problem, you will have to check your website’s plugins and themes. (WordPress Troubleshooting Errors)


WordPress has created and hosted more than half of the websites available online. A website having so much experience after developing software, it is not likely that there might occur issues regularly, but there will be some issues. WordPress is one of the well-built websites, so the issues occurring will be easy to troubleshoot. Some of the issues are discussed above, and along with that, the ways to fix them are also mentioned. These problems include server errors, database connection errors, 404 errors, parse or syntax errors, and white screen of death errors. This might help in WordPress troubleshooting.