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How WordPress is an SEO Friendly CMS? Must Use WordPress Features?



If you have an online business, you understand the significance of organic reach. Not only does it help you save thousands of marketing dollars, but it also helps you attract targeted customers with high buyer’s intent. Therefore, for any website owner, SEO is the biggest concern and the biggest priority.

If WordPress powers your website, you might be knowingly or unknowingly enjoying the benefits as you get SEO Friendly WordPress Websites. If you are not, you already lack behind because having your website on WordPress the most SEO Friendly CMS alone can give it an SEO boost. Here are a few features of WordPress that make it an SEO friendly Content Management System (CMS).

Accurate HTML Markup

WordPress is written in PHP, but it creates HTML variants of web pages that apprehensible and understandable by search engines. WordPress also offers various themes like Genesis, that utilize HTML5, which makes a significant impact o the overall SEO performance of your website.

Permalinks and Title Tags

Permalinks, although not a major deciding factor, play a significant role in the SEO performance of a website. As per the rule, the text in permalink should be small, readable, and free from dates. WordPress allows you to edit your permalinks during the publishing of your post, and also allows you to edit them later.

Title tags also play a vital role in improving your SEO rankings. Catchy headlines not only increase your click-through rate, but optimized title tags help your pages rank well as well. Additionally, WordPress offers plugins to edit your meta description, as well. Catchy meta descriptions that include keywords can be selected for snippets by Google, which can give your website a significant edge over all the best ranking pages.

SEO-Optimized Themes (SEO Friendly CMS)

One of the Best WordPress CMS features is the level of customization it offers. Whether you want to develop a portfolio, informational blog, or an eCommerce store, you can get SEO friendly WordPress websites with the help of a plethora of SEO familiar themes WordPress offers.

High-quality themes help your website with technical SEO, as well. A proper theme, apart from making your website responsive and attractive, provides a proper HTML markup (discussed earlier), that takes care of your website’s technical SEO. Moreover, WordPress allows you to edit themes as well. If you like a theme but are not satisfied with a particular feature, you can edit it in the theme editor section.

Dedicated SEO Plugins

Apart from offering SEO advantages out of the box, WordPress also provides several SEO plugins to make sure your website SEO is on point. Plugins like Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack are two of the most popular SEO plugins, that analyzes your content and provide actionable suggestions to improve it. These plugins also offer advanced features like limiting pages from crawling and indexing settings, as well.

Some Must Use WordPress Features

WordPress not only allows you to get SEO Friendly WordPress Websites, but it also offers a bunch of other features that you must use. Some of the Must use WordPress features are discussed below.

  • Revive Old Post: Revive Old Post is a plugin that allows you to share your old and new posts on social media with a single click.
  • UpdraftPlus: Websites are always vulnerable to cyber attacks, and your website can be the next. Since WordPress has the most significant share of websites n the web, most hackers target WordPress websites. The UpdraftPlus plugin allows you to backup your website and migrate it in case of data theft or data loss.

Compress JPEG and PNG Images: Images with larger size takes more time to load, which decreases the overall load speed of the web page. This plugin automatically reduces the size of the images on your website, thereby increasing the overall loading speed.

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