A few years back, websites were built with nothing but pure HTML, and its transition to WordPress was not a smooth one. From once being an all-text experience, websites have now achieved a highly interactive web presence. More importantly, no markup writing is required, as content management systems are here to do the lifting.
However, that does not mean static HTML is dead; in fact, HTML5 is widely used to create high-quality websites without any interference of a CMS.

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But, the increasing popularity of WordPress is obvious, and it has led to many people switching to the platform. And, if you already have a website running on static HTML, it can be a daunting task to convert it to WordPress. But, worry no more as we are diving into some ways you can use to convert websites from HTML to WordPress.

How to move a website from static HTML to WordPress

In a nutshell, you will need to convert your HTML design into a WordPress theme. For starters, a theme is responsible for the look and feel of a website, whereas the CMS and plugins take care of the functionality. You have several options to make the switch, and choosing the right one depends upon the time and money you are willing to invest, along with your coding skills and personal preferences.
Here are the main options.

Manual conversion to a WordPress theme

This option is for those who have adequate technical knowledge of WordPress and HTML codes. However, if you have some coding experience, this process is not complicated. A bit of CSS, HTML, and PHP knowledge is all you need to pull it off. The only downside to this method is that your WP theme will not have all the capabilities WordPress offers, such as widgets.

HTML to WordPress via WordPress Child theme

This option is the easiest and requires minimal effort and investment. Instead of performing HTML to WordPress conversion online, you simply use a ready-made WP theme and adjust its design as per your old website. This way, you can retain the look of your old site along with enjoying the full functionality of WordPress. You have the luxury of building on an existing theme, and you will not need to add WordPress features afterward, as required in the previous step.

Use plugins to import content from HTML to WordPress

The last way to Convert HTML template to WordPress is to use an existing theme and migrate the content from your HTML website to it. It is arguably the simplest way to migrate HTML website to WordPress as all you need to do is install and activate a theme import it with the help of a plugin. Although the process is simple, it might go wrong at some point. Here are some quick steps to Convert HTML template to WordPress using the plugin method.

  • Install an import plugin, say HTML Import 2.
  • Prepare the import by selecting and uploading the files, content, title & Metadata, custom fields, too, and categories & tags you want to import.
  • Begin the importing process.
  • You might need to perform some extra steps if you plan to deploy your WP site at the same place where your HTML site used to be.


HTML websites are not as functional and performing as a full-fledged WordPress site. Thus, if you still have an HTML site, it is probably the time you should consider converting it to WP. Follow the steps discussed above to convert your HTML site to WP with ease. The method you choose depends upon your technical proficiency and the time you are willing to invest.

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