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White label is a marketing or manufacturing process in which one company develops a product or service, which is then rebranded by another brand or company to make it look like its own. It is an excellent strategy for businesses that do not have enough time, money, and resources.
However, the definition of White label in WordPress is a bit different. White Label WordPress enables administrators to bring their clients’’ websites to life. It includes tasks like adding a custom logo, creating a WP dashboard, custom login, and other features, which makes it easier for their clients to use WordPress.
Here is a quick guide to White Label services, along with a few White Label plugins to look for.

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Benefits of WordPress White Label services

Do you have a site that seems to lack functionality? Here are a few benefits of seeking WordPress white label services.

Rebrand your WordPress

You might have an HTML site and have never heard of WordPress. If yes, then all these talks can lead to confusion. A white label WordPress agency can take you through the curve of obliviousness by staying professional and White Laber your existing site with their own branding. You can make the site more functional and unique by adding your own logo and custom background image.

It is support-focused

With the help of a White label offshore WordPress agency, you can create your own custom dashboard to make the contact process more accessible and easier. You can also add a dashboard widget that consists of tutorials and FAQs, along with images, videos, and instructions. Doing so enables you to become more client-focused, which is an essential metric for every business.

Hide plugin and admin menus

Do you have several people accessing your sites, such as designers, content writers, and more? It is essential to make sure your team does not mess with any sensitive options or plugins. White Laber services allow you to hide plugins, menus, and submenus from the admin area, making sure there is no accidental change, update, or deletion.

Import and export settings

White Label services allow you to import and export all White Label settings across numerous sites. If you have multiple sites to manage, getting up and running with your existing settings is an easy task.

Best WordPress White Label plugins

There are various White Label plugins available. Here are a few bet picks which you can consider if you are looking to hire WordPress white label developers.

AG Custom Admin

AG Custom Admin enables you to change everything on your website ranging from styling to functionality. The best part of this plugin is that in spite of being the most detailed White Label plugin on WordPress, it is well structured and is easy to use for everyone. Some key features of this plugin are:

  • Custom footer
  • Login page customization
  • Admin menu customization
  • Custom code
  • Multiple dashboard themes

White Label CMS

White Label CMS is more of a “Lite” version of AG Custom Admin and offers you a lot of basic White Label functionalities. It can be a great pick if you are seeking a white label WordPress agency for hiding or displaying elements such as boxes, icons, menu items, and sub-items. Choose this plugin if you are looking for some cleanup and adjustments. Some key features of the White Label CMS include:

  • Custom code
  • Custom logos, menus, footer, and login page
  • ‘Reset to the default option
  • Unique welcome widget
  • Four tabs

Custom Login Page Customizer

This plugin, unlike the previous two, focuses entirely on the WordPress login page. Thus, if you are seeking a white label WordPress agency to style your entire login page, the Custom Login Page Customizer can be of great help. Here are the key features of this plugin.

  • Custom logo
  • Login button styling
  • Custom CSS
  • Real-time customization
  • Unlimited colors

WP Admin UI Customize

This plugin is comparatively more technical in management and presentation; thus, you will need expert assistance from a white label WordPress agency to work with this plugin. WP Admin UI Customize works with shortcodes and your own code snippets. The primary feature of this plugin is that it focuses on the structure of the menus and sidebars and not on the styling of the dashboard. Some key features of the WP Admin UI Customize are:

  • Custom interfaces
  • Edit the admin bar
  • Reset all the user role options
  • Hide updates
  • Broad login screen customization


White Label services can be an excellent addition to your WordPress admin area, especially if you are bored with the old, outdated dashboard, or you want to hide some options, menus, or sub-menus. Hire a White Label agency to ensure you don’t encounter any errors or technical shortcomings during the process.

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