How to solve 500 internal server error elementor?

When using WordPress, you may have noticed various types of errors. Every error not only decreases user experience but also degrades the website status. The 500 internal server error is one of them. Generally, this error originates when the hosting server faces any unexpected condition, which doesn’t let it complete the user request.The crawler bots of search engine register this error. Over time if the error remains persistent, it may degrade website search engine ranking.

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As a result, the website gets a reduction in viewers and face business difficulty. Thus, do not ignore the problem and utilize tips from experts or any maintenance service providers’ help to fix 500 internal server error elementor and resolve the issue.

Troubleshoot a 500 Error

The best way to checkout 500 Error is to revise PHP error logs daily. A regular checkup will help you understand the health of your website and give you time to take appropriate action before it is too late. You can also encourage your user to report any site related problem they are facing. The best way to create such an environment is by responding to every issue raised by viewers. Just responding to the comment is not enough. You ought to fix it as soon as possible.

Primary reasons behind 500 internal server errors

Most of the time, these errors instigate from the web server, and you can request your website host to fix it. Typically, if the issue gets generates from their side, they respond quickly and fix the problem. However, if the problem originates from the code written by you, then you have to fix 500 internal server error elementor on your own. You can also take a third party to help to resolve this problem. WordPress has a large online community filled with experts who can help you with such issues.
Here are a few reasons behind 500 internal server errors.

  • Corrupt htaccess file: any problem that occurs during the installation of the htaccess file may contribute to this problem.
  • PHP server memory limit: You may encounter this problem if you run out of memory limit. Excessive utilization of the server memory system is the critical factor behind this issue.
  • Confliction between plugin: Installation of too many plugins increases the risk of 500 internal server error. When multiple plugins conflict with each other, they generate this problem. Elementor plugin error issues resolution does not necessarily mean deleting every plugin. Find the conflicting plugins and resolve it.
  • Directory permissions: Access setting to the different directories can be one of the reasons behind 500 internal server errors. If the permission setting is inappropriate, then change it to the required setting. Otherwise, the problem will remain the same.


Here are some tips you can follow to fix 500 internal server error elementor

  • Backup: Before you try any fix or alteration to the website, make sure you back up all the files. So in case of an accident, you can get back the previous version of your site. Doing any change to the website without backup is a big mistake.
  • Debug: Debugging is the best way to find problems with your site. It simulates real-life usage of the site and helps you catch the issue before it arises. With a successful debugging process, you can solve WordPress elementor error in an early stage.
  • Streamline the code: The addition of multiple lines of unnecessary codes won’t solve the problem of your site. It will only generate more errors in the future.

If you couldn’t find the solution, you can seek help from a third party. Ther are many WordPress related IT services available in the market, which provide quick fix the problem in exchange for reasonably low fees.

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