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One of the key reasons you might want to opt for converting your WordPress blogs to html5 format is that the latter comes with amazing features that are up to date with the newest technology. It is needless to say that in no time, the HTML5 format will be corroborated with most of the web browsers we have.

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As a result of which, most people will have to convert their existing WordPress themes which are present in the XHTML format to HTML5 format. The process might sound abstruse but if our wordpress to html5 converter online guide is read carefully, you can easily convert your WordPress file to html5. Discussed below is a comprehensive method as to how you can carry out this task.

Converting header.php to HTML5

To begin with, you will have to search online for the exact coding which is most commonly used in the header.php of WordPress theme. The reason we’re doing this is to reduce the markup so that it becomes easy to comprehend stuff. As you will notice, the converted code will be quite similar to the XHTML code. Let us discuss the changes done for better understanding.

<!doctype html> HTML5 has an extremely easy ‘doctype’, but includes many new semantic tags.
<header> The semantic tag used for header.
<nav> Here we have replaced the ‘div’ code with a new semantic tag.

How to convert index.php to HTML5

Once you have searched for the coding required to convert index.php to HTML5, it is prudent of you to gain insight into the changes you made. As a matter of fact, HTML5 will provide you with three layout modeling tags viz. ‘aside’, ‘article’ and ‘section’. The ‘section’ tag replaces the entries’ div, ‘aside’ tag is used for sidebar and the ‘article’ tag replaces the post’s div. Let us discuss these three talking points properly.

<section> The layout tag of HTML5 is named ‘section’ which is used to separate a block.
<article> This is a language tag used for the post’s portion, and is similar to ‘section’.
<aside> Another language tag used for post’s image.

Working on the sidebar.php

Having converted the ‘header’ and ‘index’, it is time for us to work on the sidebar. For this purpose, we will make use of

Working on the style.css

The last step in our wordpress to html5 converter online guide is learning about the backward compatibility issue. In order to stay compatible with the older versions of web browsers, the HTML5 elements are supposed to be delineated as blocks by the help of a ‘display:block’ style. All you need to do is to type the code mentioned below in the style.css:
header, nav, section, article, aside, figure, footer { display:block; }

Having completed the last step, you have successfully converted a wordpress file to html5. Though a convoluted task, it can be made convenient if you end up searching for the accurate coding. Apart from these, there are also plenty of html to wordpress conversion services available online, in case you were looking for one. If after following all these steps you wish to go back to the WordPress format, you can look up for convert html5 to wordpress online and you will be guided with the steps. We highly doubt if you’d want to go back to using the WordPress format once you’ve operated html5 because of the many benefits that the latter has to offer. In today’s world there is no paucity of methods involved in converting a file from one type to another. Another such conversion which is leading the search engines is psd to wordpress conversion. This involves a serious of uncomplicated steps which result in a WordPress file format. Apart from these, html to wordpress website development is also something many people are interested in.

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