If you are running a self-hosted site with WordPress, you are at an advantage in many ways; however, there are some errors that can be burdensome and frustrating. One such trouble is the “WordPress too many redirection error.” It is a common issue that several WordPress users can come across, and here is a quick guide to fix it.

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What causes the “WordPress too many redirection error” issue?

The most common cause of this error is a misconfigured redirection. WordPress has an SEO-friendly URL structure that uses the redirect function. Apart from this, there are various plugins that can cause this redirection issue. Plugins like WordPress SEO can suffer misconfiguration, which results in them redirecting users to a URL that is redirecting back to the referring URL. Thus, the user will be stuck between two pages redirecting to each other, thereby showing an error.

How to solve the “too many redirects error” issue?

One of the most common misconfigurations is that a user as an incorrect URL in Site Address URL or WordPress Address URL settings. For instance, suppose your site’s URL is ‘http://www.test.com.’ Several web hosts enable you to select whether you want your domain to contain the prefix “www” or not. If you have chosen to add the “www.” prefix, adding ‘http://test.com’ will show a WordPress redirection error.

The same happens if you have opted to have your domain without “www.” prefix, but you add it in your WordPress settings. However, if your site was working fine before and you did not make any changes to the settings, you will need to contact your hosting provider as it is probably an issue from their end. If you don’t get help from your hosting provider, consider changing your host or fixing the issue yourself. You can fix this issue by changing your WordPress Address and Site Address. To do this, go to Settings>General, and then change your WordPress and Site Address.

What if you don’t have access to the admin area?

If you do not have access to the WordPress admin area, you can update the settings by making changes in the wp-config.php file. All you need to do is connect your website with an FTP client and then find the wp-config.php file. Download this file and edit it using a Notepad or any other text editor. In the editor, add these two lines:
Be sure to replace test.com with your website domain name.
Now, save the file and upload it to the web server again.

Other redirect issues

Apart from the “WordPress too many redirection error” issue, you can encounter other redirect problems like WordPress looping error and WordPress server error. You must have installed several plugins to enhance your website’s functionality; however, some plugins can cause redirecting issues in your site. Here is a simple guide to troubleshooting these problems. First, figure out which plugin is causing the problem. You can do so by turning off all the plugins and then checking by switching them on one by one. You might have recently updated a plugin or installed a new one that has started causing this problem. Once you find which plugin is causing the trouble, you can simply deactivate and delete it.

Wrapping up

WordPress can sometimes be a pain due to its issues that are, although common, but can hamper the functionality of a website. Luckily such problems are easy to solve. If you are facing any kind of redirection issue with your site, follow the steps discussed above to get your site up and running.

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